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Topic subjectWhere's Jason?
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218355, Where's Jason?
Posted by KJT, Sat Nov-02-19 01:24 PM
Anyone heard from Jason recently? The reason I'm asking is that it seemingly is way past time for the Annual PCQandA Fundraiser.

I don't want to be surprised some morning, when without warning, the Forum is gone due to non-payment.

It seems possible that the Forum will end soon anyway based on lack of participation and an insufficient number of active members willing to ante up the dollars necessary to continue. If so. I'd rather find out in advance rather than be surprised some early morning.


218356, RE: Where's Jason?
Posted by GreyFalcon, Mon Nov-04-19 11:28 AM
It seems inevitable.
218357, RE: Where's Jason?
Posted by Ttech, Wed Nov-06-19 01:11 AM
It may be that there is still enough money to keep the website going. Over the past few years Jason has made changes to the hosting that reduce the cost to keep PCQ&A going so the proceeds from a fund raiser last longer. I do agree with you on the dwindling participation and difficulty in meeting fund raiser goals.
218358, RE: Where's Jason?
Posted by Red Squirrel, Mon Nov-25-19 12:37 AM
I don't really participate here much myself and my history 10+ (or more like 20? I feel old) years ago may not be the most fond for the old timers here, but if it really comes to a point where it has to be closed down I'd be more than willing to host it on my web server, I don't imagine it gets too much traffic now days? Just throwing the offer out there if it comes to a point where Jason can't host it anymore.
218359, RE: Where's Jason?
Posted by KJT, Mon Nov-25-19 01:07 AM
Sounds like a generous offer. Of course it's up to Jason and the members who donate to the fund raiser.

What would the cost be for you to host the forum?

218360, RE: Where's Jason?
Posted by Red Squirrel, Mon Nov-25-19 01:20 AM
I'd need to find out more specifics from Jason such as what the setup is like and the type of load the server sees, but I'm thinking it would probably not be too big of a hit. I pay under $100/mo for my current server and I would not expect much funds if any to be honest. It hosts a lot of my own personal sites and services including which has a donation link that people contribute to at times. So anyone would be welcome to go through there if they want to help pay server costs. That site is probably what hits the server the hardest because of the polling application.

But we'll see what Jason says about the current situation before jumping the gun. Of course everyone would need to be comfortable with that move as well, I don't want to pull the rug under anyone.
218361, RE: Where's Jason?
Posted by avcalc, Sun Dec-01-19 07:00 PM

According to the forum footer, the forum is powered by something called DCForum and developed by -- which seems no longer exists.

The forum is written in PHP. I guess, the server runs a very old version of PHP.

It can't be easy to migrate.

218362, RE: Where's Jason?
Posted by JohnnyReb, Mon Dec-02-19 04:19 AM
So the forum must really be dead if Jason isn't answering...

I dropped out a while ago, but I think it is sad that this project is losing momentum. I have such fond memories of all y'all as we say down south...