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Update CCleaner 5.22.5724 [View all]
Improved Windows 10 Anniversary Edition support. Improved Microsoft Edge Cookie and History cleaning. Updated Firefox extension management.
jujet84Sep-13-16 02:59 PM0

11 Window Updates To-day Aug 14 2016 [View all]
Well started downloading the updates when installing update no 5 took about 5 minutes, update 8 about 3 minutes.Ccalls for a restart but actually ther
jujet84Sep-14-16 01:31 PM0

Hack Brief: Yahoo Breach Hits Half a Billion Users [View all]
This is an updated story to reflect what could be a new hack bad news for Yahoo. So if you use Yahoo you'll want to change your password and security
jbmcmillanSep-23-16 01:40 AM0

Windows 10 usage plateaus while Windows 7 holds its own [View all]
Depending on whose numbers you believe, the Windows 10 adoption rate is either horrible or disastrous http:/ / rticle/3126161/micr
SnydermanOct-05-16 04:37 AM0

"5 Utilities for Changing DNS Servers in Windows Review... [View all]
http://helpdeskgeek. com/free-tools-revie w/5-utilities-changi ng-dns-servers-windo ws-reviewed/
SnydermanOct-21-16 09:52 PM0

"How to easily find drivers for Unknown Devices in Wind... [View all]
http://www.pcworld.c om/article/2089404/h ow-to-easily-find-dr ivers-for-unknown-de vices-in-windows.htm l
SnydermanOct-29-16 10:25 PM0

"Stop Windows 10 from resetting default apps with Stop ... [View all]
http://www.thewindow ws-10-resetting-defa ult-apps
SnydermanNov-07-16 05:44 PM0

An FYI for Shaw Internet Customers [View all]
I have Shaw Internet 150. Just under a week ago my internet went down about 12 a.m. An hour later I couldn't even access or reset my third party route
peterbDec-02-16 05:47 AM0

Personalization keeps resetting [View all]
Windows 10, AU edition, 8GB RAM. I have created a slideshow using ACDSee Pro and set that on the computer as background, changing the pictures every 1
cloverDec-14-16 02:56 AM
by mikky48

Hostile HP PC [View all]
All of my previous posts were related to a relatively new HP PC. It has the Nutmeg MB. When I first tried to do the install of Win10 the boot was lo
wings515Dec-20-16 04:10 PM0

USB3 Laptop docking station [View all]
I recently purchased my first laptop (I have always built my own desktops) and I want to dock it. I have used laptops docked to a proprietary docking
PriscillaJan-03-17 04:11 PM0

Switched from ssd to hd...what next? [View all]
ssd imaged to an external hd. I then replaced the ssd with a larger hd, and restored the image to the new hd, using Aomei Backupper, Universal Restore
lenjackFeb-13-17 04:09 PM0

What the CIA thinks of your anti-Virus [View all] 7/03/08/what-the-cia -thinks-of-your-anti virus-program/ Ac adia
AcadiaMar-08-17 04:42 PM0

Hotel Access to Netflix, Amazon Prime: How? [View all]
I'm going to be holed up in a hotel for a week, so looking for entertainment via Netflix and/or Amazon Prime access. I envision using my laptop pc
smile2Mar-10-17 09:56 PM0

Trump kills new Internet privacy bill [View all]
This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at: http://www.pcqa hp?
AcadiaMar-24-17 04:23 PM0

Promise For Quantum Computing [View all]
Ultracold Molecules Hold Promise For Quantum Computing Thu, 07/27/2017 - 2:43pm by David L. Chandler, MIT News Office Researchers have taken
ShellyJul-28-17 02:08 PM0

Windows Surface RT 8.1 - Windows Update won't update [View all]
Hiya kiddies, I have a Surface RT tablet, one of the first ones with the ARM processor (
ScotterpopsSep-23-17 02:29 AM0

android lock out [View all]
My grandson broke the screen on His Lenovo Tab3 8. It was insured, so I sent it off to Assurrian to have it fixed. Now it is stuck at account verifica
weav6900Nov-29-17 04:39 PM0

Does it matter if USB ports are connected to peripheral... [View all]
Good day, I had some USB ports that stopped working and I was in the process of reinstalling Windows 7 anyway but I never took off the different pe
MistahManJan-16-18 05:02 PM0

You ARE HERE! [View all]
I thought you guys had finally disappeared! I am SO glad you are here! Could not find you for a while! I am lost with out your help!!!!! :--) :--) :-
kittenmuellerJan-18-18 01:56 PM0

Write Protected Backup Drive. Help. [View all]
My old computer crashed, so I replaced it with a new Dell. Fortunately , I had used Macrium to create daily backups, so I used Macrium to create a n
spencercatJan-22-18 09:41 PM0

Belay that order: Intel says you should NOT install its... [View all] 50250/malware-vulner abilities/belay-that -order-intel-says-yo u-should-not-install -its-meltdown-firmwa re-fixes.h
daniellJan-23-18 12:44 PM0

Force landscape view on a Win 8.1 tablet [View all]
I have a Winbook tablet that is running Win 8.1. My old same tablet, which was upgraded to Win 10 when it was free, had a setting in dispay, that woul
allstondaveMar-08-18 11:57 PM0

Strange Problem Installing MS Office [View all]
I'm trying to install MS Office 2007 on Windows 10 Pro. The installation files were used to successfully install the program on several Windows 10 com
aldagoMar-09-18 01:07 AM0

Spam [View all]
This forum does not tolerate spam.
newidsanu62Jun-04-18 05:35 PM0

Windows 10 alert: [View all]
Microsoft releases Intel's microcode updates, including one to address the recently revealed Foreshadow flaw. Liam Tung By Liam Tung | August 22,
jujet84Aug-22-18 03:02 PM0

Epson WF-4740 Pro [View all]
OS = Windows 10 Pro Everthing seems to work on my Epson printer. My problem is my printer reconizes the USB drive inserted into the USB port on the
TV Man 436 163Sep-14-18 02:58 PM0

Spam title removed. [View all]
Spam isn't allowed here. - Jason Levine
medypharma7888Nov-27-18 04:19 PM0

Sad News About Shelly [View all]
Please see this important post in the OT Forum regarding Shelly: http://ww oard.php?az=show_top ic&forum=4&topic_id= 218328&mesg_i
jasonlevineMar-03-19 03:32 AM0

Wireless Client Bridge [View all]
Another "customer" asked me to find a solution to his lack of internet service at his home. He says he uses 'hot spot' to get service. Looking into
wings515Mar-12-19 12:41 PM0
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