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350103, RE: Your Favorite Essential Computer-Internet Tools ?
Posted by KJT, Thu Feb-10-05 12:48 PM
Startup Control Panel by Mike Lin -, Or Startup Cop if you can find it without subscription. Either is good for controlling programs that run at startup.

Autosizer or a similar program that autosizes Windows' windows, particularly IE windows when you get tired of trying to make them stick at your preferred size.

Everest Home Edition diagnostic and bench marking tool -

EndItAll and/or EndItAll2 used to close most all running programs. It might still be found free of charge but may require a "subscription to PC Mag,
AppSwat to close individual programs -

YankeeClipper - a far better clipboard

IconFinder - find the original icons for the site or program

Iconoid - a desktop icon manager - background colors, transparency, location, etc.

TweakUI from Microsoft and X-setup Pro from which is a very powerful Tweaker that Shelly may be along shortly to warn you about. It's very much worth having, in my opinion, just make sure you know what the changes are and how to undo them before you make them.

OK, that's enough for starters.