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Topic subjectWin XP; Won't shut off computer.
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380, Win XP; Won't shut off computer.
Posted by Floyd151, Thu Dec-13-01 07:24 PM
I've been searching for a solution to this one.... Just built a new 1.4 Pentium 4, (Intel D850GB mobo)which seems to run fine except for one problem; on re-boots it "hangs" and on shut-downs it doesn't. You must turn power off and back on to reboot. When starting up you sometimes have to turn the machine on and off twice. Scandisk does not run on boot up (when you try either "restart" or "shut computer off")but both require you to manually turn machine off to complete the shut down or reboot process. This make me think that XP is shutting down, it's just the computer that keeps running. And then occasionally (20% of time) it will reboot OK. It never shuts down OK. Thanks