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Topic subjectRE: Last ditch effort to fix this pc UPDATE
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566811, RE: Last ditch effort to fix this pc UPDATE
Posted by kittenmueller, Mon Dec-21-20 06:57 PM
Ok, I got a new ssd hdd and battery for this pc as I had finally gotten it to install and actually work but was painfully slow. I have replaced several HDD's over the years. THis one is not detected at all. Will do the getting ready.... language, etc but then says no hdd, no drive present. Yes it is in correctly. I am now reading everything online I can find to get it fixed. - Remember- this PC has locked admin password so I cannot change anything in bios, etc. Any suggestions? I just need to make sure you all keep on your toes while sitting at home,lol. THoughts> ideas? Blow it up ?:lol: