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Topic subjectWin 10 optional update
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566742, Win 10 optional update
Posted by bobbo, Wed Dec-02-20 06:22 AM
Is this optional update worth installing? My current version is working well.

2020-11 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x64-based Systems (KB4586853)

566747, RE: Win 10 optional update
Posted by therube, Wed Dec-02-20 06:24 PM
Given the "quality" of current MS OS's (i.e., Win10)...
Given the "quality" of all current MS updates...
Given all the testing that goes in to each update to ensure quality...

Given that you are lucky ;-) that your system is running well...

Would I put in an "update" (preview, no less), heh.
566748, RE: Win 10 optional update
Posted by bobbo, Thu Dec-03-20 03:52 AM
Your response is well received. No update for the time being.
566749, RE: Win 10 optional update
Posted by bobbo, Thu Dec-03-20 06:28 AM
I found the following description for the optional update; I don't think these changes are needed:


Updates an issue that causes Narrator to stop responding after you unlock a device if Narrator was in use before you locked the device.
Updates an issue that prevents you from finding certain Microsoft Xbox consoles on a Windows device.
Updates an issue that fails to display the Microsoft Xbox Game Bar app controls on supported monitors. This issue occurs in certain Microsoft DirectX® 9.0 (DX9) games that are running with Variable Refresh Rate enabled on these monitors.
Updates an issue with USB 3.0 hubs. A device connected to the hub might stop working when you set the device to hibernate or restart the device.
Updates an issue that randomly changes the input focus of edit controls when using the Japanese IME or the Chinese Traditional IME.
Updates an issue that makes the touch keyboard unstable in the Mail app.
Improves the visual quality of Windows Mixed Reality headsets that run in lower resolution mode.
Updates an issue that prevents the PDF24 app, version 9.1.1, from opening .txt files.

566752, RE: Win 10 optional update
Posted by lenjack, Thu Dec-03-20 10:42 PM
I was not having any issues, but did install it. I understand that MS is going to send it out to everyone with that particular build.
566760, RE: Win 10 optional update
Posted by bobbo, Sun Dec-06-20 12:04 AM
Just downloaded/installed the update, and so far, don't see anything different. Will keep looking.

566762, RE: Win 10 optional update
Posted by jbmcmillan, Sun Dec-06-20 03:32 AM
Those optional updates eventually turn into mandatory. They keep them at optional for the first while.
566764, RE: Win 10 optional update
Posted by KJT, Mon Dec-07-20 01:49 AM
Earlier today I completed installation of Version 20H2.

I haven't seen anything yet that makes the update worth bothering with for me - especially in view of the many hours it took to complete the installation.

But as seemingly always, MS continues to be extremely ANAL.

Again, MS removed the Win7 games, which I had to reinstall individually yet again following an update.

And again, icon arrows returned and new shortcuts again add " - shortcut " to the shortcut's name.

And, following all the update-initiated restarts, the Windows Update page in Settings is stuck indicating a restart is required. Of course I've restarted multiple times manually but it's still stuck. There are no updates of any type available to download. I'll look into this tomorrow, or soon, unless someone can provide a solution.