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566769, Here is a new one for me.
Posted by kittenmueller, Wed Dec-09-20 09:23 PM
I have been given a desktop that I was told does not boot. As I no longer have a monitor hanging around I could not see if it boots. Lights come on, thats all I know. So i got a brilliant ( or not) idea to get a USB- VGA adaptor to go from the desktop to my laptop. Driver installed. I now have NO idea what to do next!!!!! Can I even get the in the desktop or am I a complete moron for thinking it?? The more I think about it , the dumber it all sounds that I even thought this. So..... Do I just take her HD to someone to put her pics on a thumb drive? Thats all she wants are the pics. I of course want to see if I can fix the pc.

THanks, Kitten