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Topic subjectCumulative update preview 2021-01
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566850, Cumulative update preview 2021-01
Posted by bobbo, Thu Feb-04-21 11:24 PM
I made the mistake of installing the subject update. Didn't like it at all, and restored a previous version, but in Windows update, it is showing 20% installed and holding. It makes me nervous and I'd like to get rid of it. How to do that? Or just ignore.

Edit: The update finished, and all seems to be well. I had looked into what the update could do and, in doing so, mess up the color scheme I had previously established. Not going to change anything.

566851, RE: Cumulative update preview 2021-01
Posted by KJT, Fri Feb-05-21 01:25 AM
Are your good OLD MS games still working?

Every time there's an update I have to reinstall them - though I haven't installed the preview - plus on occasion, I have to reset my UAC setting.

566852, RE: Cumulative update preview 2021-01
Posted by bobbo, Fri Feb-05-21 02:35 AM
My problem with the subject update was to open the What's New file, and did some damage in the area regarding colors, etc. I changed some colors and couldn't change them back. I will avoid that feature in the future. THere are some interesting new features, most of which I will not utilize. I have a problem with experimenting in areas in which I should not, and get into trouble. Story of my life.

I must always remember to create an image of my system before indulging in updates.

566853, RE: Cumulative update preview 2021-01
Posted by bobbo, Wed Feb-10-21 02:43 PM
OLD MS games are working.

566856, RE: Cumulative update preview 2021-01
Posted by wings515, Sun Feb-14-21 04:03 PM
I did this update on 5 different PC's. One took only 5 minutes to complete, one took 15 minutes and the other three took almost an hour. I had one person call me and ask if he had done something wrong because the circle had been spinning for so long. I advised him to wait and after the one hour all updates were complete.
I just wonder why there is so much difference in the update/install time where all were running the latest version of WIN 10 before this latest.
In my case the two machines are on a 3 Mb DSL line so I could see the update time being slow but the other three were on 30 Mb cable lines.

Just a thought.