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Topic subjectBatch file to copy and rename files
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566863, Batch file to copy and rename files
Posted by harry, Thu Feb-25-21 04:43 AM
I regularly need to copy and rename files whose filenames have various lengths but always end in the same three characters, which I need to change to another three characters.

For example, if the source files have the names "ABC123BananaAB1.txt" and "DEF345PineappleAB1.docx", then I need to copy them to target files with the names "ABC123BananaXYZ.txt" and "DEF345PineappleXYZ.docx" respectively. In other words, I need the target filenames to be the same as the source filenames but with the last three characters changed from "AB1" to "XYZ".

I tried using a bat file containing the command "copy *AB1.* *XYZ.*", but it didn't work properly. How can I get this to work?