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Posted by therube, Tue Mar-02-21 09:01 PM
> I opened the drive up to see if the disc would spin, it does.

Just how does one go about that?

> I have another disc drive that I checked out on my WIN 10 machine and it is recognized.

Recognized as what?
As a disk drive?

What was on the drive? Some OS, I'll assume?
Or are you saying 10 recognized it & your intent was to use that drive in the XP machine, installing a fresh copy of Windows onto it?

> Installing into my XP I get one beep and it shuts down.

This happens when?
Just as soon as you boot the computer after connecting the drive?

What kind of drive are we talking, IDE, SATA?
If IDE, is it jumpered properly?
In any case, power & data cables connected properly?