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Topic subjectRE: How do you feel about Threaded View vs Flat View?
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566882, RE: How do you feel about Threaded View vs Flat View?
Posted by jasonlevine, Mon Mar-08-21 05:06 PM
The big problem with "old" is that there are bugs that are cropping up and there are fewer anti-spam features. If you try to click on a link to a message, you might get an error message. If you try to edit a message, you might get a blank text box instead of your message to edit. If you type in a replacement message and hit submit, you'll get an error message (even though the forum software seems to save the edit).

I could go in and fix all of these bugs, but quite honestly it's not worth the time. This software is 18 years old. There's a ton that I'd need to fix to bring this back up to modern standards and I simply don't have the time. It would be much easier to spend my time and effort in migrating to a new package that is still being supported.