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Topic subjectRE: How do you feel about Threaded View vs Flat View?
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566914, RE: How do you feel about Threaded View vs Flat View?
Posted by Red Squirrel, Thu Mar-18-21 11:28 PM
I prefer flat view myself but not like I post here that often anyway so it really does not matter. I still lurk and check up on the place once in a while but that's about it. Mostly for nostalgia and to see how old timers are doing, since PC911/this place was probably one of, if my first ever forum. I must have been like 12 or something... crazy how time flies. I'm 34 now.

I was kinda curious and checked, guess DC Scripts is long gone, not even a mention of it anywhere when doing a quick search.

My forum Iceteks and Anythingforums are gone too... was suppose to be a few month project to upgrade them then just got side tracked and it's been 5 years now? I lost track. I am still working on bringing them back up but sadly I don't know if any of the old timers will even remember to come back.

Going with Simple Machine Forum myself. Just beware, they sort posts/topics by ID and not by date, which makes conversion tricky. I ended up just rewriting the code to sort by date, as I am importing 4 forums into a single one. I have 2 forums that are active which I still run now and then the 2 that are dead. I had to take them offline due to security issues.

While you're at it, it may be worth looking into a SSL cert too, Letsencrypt is free.