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Topic subjectIs it's future a doorstop?
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566905, Is it's future a doorstop?
Posted by ArleneB61401, Mon Mar-15-21 09:59 PM
A friend brought me his laptop to fix. He mistakenly thinks I "know all about computers"and the truth is I know very little. Most of what I do know I learned here. The first time he brought it over I did look through it. But I was sick and didn't have time to fool with it. (was in hospital several weeks). He then took it to a computer shop here in town. Before, when I looked it over, the option to restore (not a total)was there. Now that option is completely gone and gives the message "there are no files to do so". He cannot find any dvd, cd or anything else to back up files. Probably didn't make any.

The cursor jumps all over the place, no matter if I am using the mouse or keys or pad. It seems to have most Document Folders and Pictures, and if I work long enough I can open them. Although it would connect when it was here before, it won't connect to internet any more.

Anyway, is there a way for him to fix his lap top enough to use. It's got/had windows 10.I think it must be about 5 or six years old. Or is it's future a doorstop?

Thanks in Advance