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566932, RE: online screens flickering ??
Posted by John M., Wed Apr-21-21 08:15 PM
I know nothing of "Surface"...

It is only (I guess it is) in your browser (on some websites) where the flickering occurs?

IOW, other programs that you have on this Surface do not flicker?

Are you able to test the sites that flicker in a different browser?

Does the browser have a "Safe Mode"? so, worth a try.

A few particular sites where you see this happening?

I've been too busy to mess with it until now. Microsoft Surface laptop, windows 10 with latest updates & the latest version of Chrome. Yesterday morning everything was working perfectly.

With the exact same setup today, half the websites I go to are flickering on/off to the point they are literally unuseable.

I just tried a few of the sites in MS Edge & using Edge (which I absolutely HATE) they work fine.