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Topic subjectHow to Delete Windows 10 Application Compatibility Assistant
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566936, How to Delete Windows 10 Application Compatibility Assistant
Posted by aldago, Wed Apr-28-21 07:04 PM
I'm about ready to give up and return to Linux Mint. I'm using windows 10 pro version 20H2 Build 19042.928. All the apps I use are running smoothly with no problem. I keep getting a bothersome notification that some app can't run smoothly on Windows 10 and I get the notification whether or not any apps that I've installed are running. Don't know what app it's referring to and, frankly, don't care at this point. I can't get rid of this nag which pops up whenever, whether I'm in the middle of some work or not and It's difficult to turn the notification of or to uninstall Windows 10 Compatibility Assistant. It doesn't show up in Programs and Features so that I can delete it. I've got the Service disabled which hasn't helped. My research has indicated that many people are having this problem. Has anyone ever found a solution???