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Topic subjectAny Streaming Webcam Experts out there?
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566950, Any Streaming Webcam Experts out there?
Posted by GreyFalcon, Mon May-10-21 02:30 PM
This is the first time I have had a problem with a Webcam and Windows 10 so this is somewhat uncharted territory for me. I run a logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam with my Zoom account so I am not exactly a beginner either. I had set up a Logitech C310 on a member of our groups Zoom account on his Windows 10 computer. It had been working fine up until last week and the audio on his camera went out. I brought it home and tried it on two Win 10 computers and it works fine. These cameras seem to be pretty bullet proof so there is not a problem with the camera. Any ideas why it would drop audio on another Win 10 computer? I would assume the camera security settings would block both audio and video and not just audio so before I go and reinstall Win 10 on his computer I am looking for any suggestions.
566954, RE: Any Streaming Webcam Experts out there?
Posted by Ttech, Tue May-11-21 11:07 PM
Look in Device Manager, my Logitech webcam shows in Sound, video and game controllers as USB Audio Device. Check Settings - Sound, look at the Input Device. I believe that Zoom also has a setting where you can select the input or microphone device.
566955, RE: Any Streaming Webcam Experts out there?
Posted by GreyFalcon, Tue May-11-21 11:51 PM
That's exactly what happened! I was able to change the audio source in zoom. I guess I will never know what happened to make it change but you can bet I deleted all the old restore points and created a new one after everything was working properly. I'm old at 73 but this guy is pushing 90. It will be nice to hear him again in the zoom meetings. :clap: