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Topic subjectComputer won't boot with second HDD attached
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566966, Computer won't boot with second HDD attached
Posted by Toots, Tue Jul-06-21 09:05 PM
My Dell XPS 8500 died. Replaced it with refurbished Dell Optiplex 9020. So far, I like it but I am heart broken at the loss of my Software, music and personnel stuff.

I am trying to use Aomei Backupper to clone the C: partition so I can boot the old HDD and get some of my stuff. So far it has not worked. I attach the old HDD as the second
HDD but with the second drive attached, the computer will not boot. It very briefly flashes the logo and then goes black and stays that way.

I suspected the problem was probably caused by the BIOS. But I simply do not see anything wrong in the BIOS. It shows the second drive. Instructions say the original HDD
should boot first and this is the sequence shown.

I have run out of things to try. I am hoping some of you can help.

Thank you for all your good work.