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Topic subjectRE: Computer won't boot with second HDD attached
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566975, RE: Computer won't boot with second HDD attached
Posted by KJT, Wed Jul-07-21 09:36 PM
No, for now forget about the BIOS.

Pressing F8 (the Function 8 key), maybe repeatedly, at bootup with the old drive connected might open the "Advanced Boot Options screen". If it does, then you can up or down arrow to the new hard drive to select it and it should boot.

It's possible that a key other than f8 could be used by Dell to access the "Advanced Boot Options screen". Maybe Google it, if F8 doesn't work.

If this should work, you will most likely have to continue doing an F8 boot for as long as you have the old drive attached after shutdown, or reboot, say for updates requiring a reboot.