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Topic subjectRE: Computer won't boot with second HDD attached
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566980, RE: Computer won't boot with second HDD attached
Posted by Toots, Mon Jul-12-21 02:48 PM
Sorry about the delay in replying. Have to postpone trying second HD. While this was going on, my Free Windscribe (VPN) was cutting off. Reported it to Windscribe and they were trying to fix it. Anyhow, dont' know what they did but my Internet stopped working, Called Mediacom and they started trying to fix it. In the interim, Microsoft insisted on updating my OS. They insisted in order to shut down my PC. All of this action has taken a toll on my OS and now many things won't work. Like the printer. The pity is I backed up my system on 7-1-2021 with Aomei Backupper and I cannot get Aomei to restore the backup. Will submit this problem as new later.