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Posted by kittenmueller, Sun Sep-19-21 02:00 PM
So, here is my issue today. I was given a HP p6 2100 desktop. I upgraded max Ram and decided even though old-2012 it runs so Ill keep it for my office. It had 1 t sata hd. I got a smaller ssd hd as I really do not need the space but thought it would speed it up a tiny. Finally got unallocated hhd formated and should be ready to go. I had installed win 10 on the 1 t and it was fine, but with a new hd with No OS, it will not detect my USB where win 10 it located. I have changed the boot to the usb, turned off uefi. activated legacy. What am I doing wrong? Or suggestions to Find the usb. Just says no boot disk found. When i use disk management, it finds my ssd and the usb just fine but will bot boot from it.Thanks.
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Posted by therube, Tue Sep-21-21 04:09 PM
Confirm the USB is in fact bootable on another system?
(Plug it in & see that it is seen as an available boot device. hit the hotkey & see if it is seen as a boot option, should be enough I'd think.)

How did you create the USB?

If Rufus, the USB needs to be set correctly for UEFI vs Legacy (with corresponding BIOS setting).

I believe ? the Windows tool will work either way.
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Posted by kittenmueller, Tue Sep-21-21 05:30 PM
I have literally used the usb to fix/ update at least 4 pcs in the last few months including this particular desktop< the Hp p6 2100 desktop, from 2012. It boots immediately and installs.I used Microsoft site/ instructions and has never failed. [br /> So i have done a bit of reading, and there are options, just not sure if it is really worth the time. I have read about plugging the new ssd into dvd and cloning drive from the hhd there now.
What I was trying to do was remove the hhd and then use diskpart to allocate/ etc the new ssd but I had no luck with that.
So, I know the USB will boot , just the new ssd is unallocated so I am leaving it for now. I put the old hdd back and will research more.
I have never used diskpart before and it was confusing.
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Posted by nightlyreader, Wed Sep-22-21 04:44 AM
I've installed two SSD drives as a boot drive, my computer and my wifes. It's been a few years, but thinking all I did was hook it up, boot from the DVD and install, doing what the prompt said.
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Posted by kittenmueller, Wed Sep-22-21 11:16 AM
Exactly, that has always worked for me. This is not,it will boot to the install screen and start but then goes to the screen with the ssd lasted with format, delete, add, etc. It will tell me i cannot put OS on this drive as it is unallocated. Ok, so i read and nothing i do changes that.
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Posted by EdwardBrittgmtB, Thu Oct-14-21 06:29 AM
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Posted by KJT, Thu Oct-14-21 10:33 AM
Hello, and Welcome - as long as you're not a Spammer.

Nowadays most "new members" have ulterior motives.

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Posted by Neelp120, Mon Oct-18-21 06:44 AM
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Posted by Ttech, Mon Oct-18-21 03:04 PM
Looks like neelp120 didn't read your post! }(