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Posted by kittenmueller, Sun Sep-19-21 02:00 PM
So, here is my issue today. I was given a HP p6 2100 desktop. I upgraded max Ram and decided even though old-2012 it runs so Ill keep it for my office. It had 1 t sata hd. I got a smaller ssd hd as I really do not need the space but thought it would speed it up a tiny. Finally got unallocated hhd formated and should be ready to go. I had installed win 10 on the 1 t and it was fine, but with a new hd with No OS, it will not detect my USB where win 10 it located. I have changed the boot to the usb, turned off uefi. activated legacy. What am I doing wrong? Or suggestions to Find the usb. Just says no boot disk found. When i use disk management, it finds my ssd and the usb just fine but will bot boot from it.Thanks.