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Posted by kittenmueller, Tue Sep-21-21 05:30 PM
I have literally used the usb to fix/ update at least 4 pcs in the last few months including this particular desktop< the Hp p6 2100 desktop, from 2012. It boots immediately and installs.I used Microsoft site/ instructions and has never failed. [br /> So i have done a bit of reading, and there are options, just not sure if it is really worth the time. I have read about plugging the new ssd into dvd and cloning drive from the hhd there now.
What I was trying to do was remove the hhd and then use diskpart to allocate/ etc the new ssd but I had no luck with that.
So, I know the USB will boot , just the new ssd is unallocated so I am leaving it for now. I put the old hdd back and will research more.
I have never used diskpart before and it was confusing.