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567043, Chrome ads
Posted by lenjack, Thu Sep-23-21 12:46 AM
W10, all updates. I get too many ads, the long flat rectangular ones at bottom center of my screen using Chrome, latest version. They are easy enough to close, but they are getting to be too much of an annoyance. Many of them are for blockers that are supposed to prevent such ads. Any advice on one to try, or should I forget it?
567044, RE: Chrome ads
Posted by dtellier, Thu Sep-23-21 01:19 AM
Adblock Plus is what I'm using on Chrome. It's proven very effective now for ages. Highly recommended. Occasionally you'll run into a website that will not load with an ad blocker running. You can selectively allow just that one site to display ads if you wish.


Edit: Go to the Chrome <Settings/Extensions> menu and you'll find it there.
567045, RE: Chrome ads
Posted by lenjack, Thu Sep-23-21 01:47 AM
Thanks Dave. I'll give it a shot.:--)