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567047, Microsoft Edge
Posted by lenjack, Mon Oct-04-21 10:51 PM
Does anyone else here, hate this piece of s**t, as much as I do? If someone likes it, that's fine. It's like trying to throw away a boomerang! I've uninstalled it something like 20 times. It seems that every time I look away, or there's a big update, it gets reinstalled. Couldn't do a complete deletion this time from the control panel. Had to use Revo Uninstaller.:-(
567048, RE: Microsoft Edge
Posted by KJT, Mon Oct-04-21 11:30 PM
Edge Chromium seems just about like all the other Chrome based browsers I've tried.

I don't love it due to its overriding promotion of tabs, but I use a two-handed method to open all links in new windows so it's OK - at least until someone creates an extension to simply open all links in a new window.

567049, RE: Microsoft Edge
Posted by Ttech, Tue Oct-05-21 10:42 PM
Just right-click on a link and choose Open in New Window from the menu.
567050, RE: Microsoft Edge
Posted by lenjack, Wed Oct-06-21 12:01 AM
In Chrome, Control+T, opens a new tab.
567051, RE: Microsoft Edge
Posted by KJT, Wed Oct-06-21 01:18 AM
Left Shift or left Ctrl + a left click opens links in a NEW window. I'll use these until someone creates an acceptable extension.

567066, RE: Microsoft Edge
Posted by Paul D, Mon Oct-18-21 09:06 PM

Including Edge, I have five Chromium-based browsers installed (Edge, Chrome, CCleaner Browser, Avast Secure Browser, Brave) each with slightly different settings or extensions for specific purposes. I have no particular problems with any of them.

Paul D
567067, RE: Microsoft Edge
Posted by mihirmane, Tue Oct-19-21 01:40 PM
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567068, RE: Microsoft Edge
Posted by therube, Tue Oct-19-21 04:09 PM
CCleaner Browser, Avast Secure Browser

CCleaner Browser (which I've never heard of), by Piriform.
Piriform, purchased by Avast.