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Topic subjectHoping someone can help with this.
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567116, Hoping someone can help with this.
Posted by kittenmueller, Fri Nov-12-21 04:58 PM
I have changed out about 4 new hard drives, and done clean installs with no issues at all.I do now know what i am doing wrong. This is a 2014 HP all in one. I am putting a SSD drive in. I have win 10 on USB. This is the point it gets to and says cannot download, check media. with a code. I have changed boot to USB. Usb is fat 32. Using uefi now legacy. I KNOW it works as i have done it so many times easily. I tried to download what it says, but too big. it shows sdd with unallocated , the box to do next. only think can click is NEW, so i do that then is says cannot install.