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567118, RE: Hoping someone can help with this.
Posted by therube, Mon Nov-15-21 05:13 PM
HP all in one. ... I have win 10 on USB.

Is this a retail version of 10 or an HP version (that should automatically activate, on seeing the HP BIOS)?

This is the point it gets to and says cannot download, check media. with a code.

What says this, the Win10 setup.exe?
What can it not download?
What is the code?

I tried to download what it says, but too big. it shows sdd with unallocated

Again, what is it wanting to download?
Too big to what? To fit on the flash drive?

I would think the Win10 setup, so long as it sees the SSD, should be able to partition/format the drive on its' own, so it being unallocated should not be an issue.