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Topic subjectWindows 11?
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567138, Windows 11?
Posted by allstondave, Sun Nov-21-21 11:51 AM
On a recent updating for Win 10, I noticed that my laptop is eligible for Win 11. Is there any good reason to go to Win 11?

I like Win10 just fine.
567151, RE: Windows 11?
Posted by lenjack, Fri Nov-26-21 04:01 AM
I don't think so. W11 will not do anything that you can't get done with W10. Of course, this might change. W10, will be supported by MS, for another 4 years.
567158, RE: Windows 11?
Posted by allstondave, Tue Nov-30-21 06:46 AM
Well, I went a head and upgraded to Win 11. It's got some features I will never use, but so far, I like it. No complaints.
567161, RE: Windows 11?
Posted by GreyFalcon, Sun Dec-05-21 03:42 AM
I have been using it since it was first available with the Windows Insider Program. A few hiccups in the beginning but really solid if you have a capable computer. It works really nicely with a M.2 NVME hard drive. Boots in close to 30 seconds ready for work. Probably faster, it has to wait for me to put in my pin. They went over the top in a few things like the drop down context menu, should have left it alone without making you press "more" to get the whole menu. It looks good and runs great.
567171, RE: Windows 11?
Posted by lenjack, Fri Dec-10-21 02:54 AM
I'm staying with 10 for now, as 11 does not offer anything of interest to me. Of course, this may well change. Anyway, 10 will be supported through October 2025.
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