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Topic subjectRE: "File not found" but is open and running.
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567183, RE: "File not found" but is open and running.
Posted by KJT, Fri Dec-31-21 11:58 PM
Thanks for replying. It's not running in compatibility mode, so I'll try that after the next scheduled backup. I really don't want to risk doing anything that might cause the program not to work at all, not just not close properly. If this doesn't work, I'll try reinstalling

I don't remember when I got this version of GeoClock but I've had some version of it since Win 98.

I searched but didn't find a current download site for an updated version. GeoClock is a graphic display of the Globe, flattened of course. From its self-description:

GeoClock w32 displays the current sun and moon positions,
and the parts of the earth in sunlight and twilight,
on high quality maps. Sun rise, sun set, and local
times around the world can also be displayed.

I run it mostly for fun and sunrise/set times.