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567208, After Hack Procedure
Posted by wings515, Sat Mar-26-22 02:48 PM
Hello Again,
It has been a while since I have had a PC on the bench. A neighbor called last night and said he had been hacked. The screen showed a message from MS with an 866 number to call. He did and the "agent" had him do some things in DOS I assume since he said the screen went Black.

Some history, the wife went onto either a Facebook or YouTube site with a bunch of numbers to play some kind of game, he could not define exactly what it was.

I am getting this Win 10 tower tomorrow. I plan on booting in Safe mode and running CCleaner, Malwarebytes and Privatizer. Three apps to 'clean' the disk that I am familiar with. I have also downloaded the latest Win 10 ISO from MS just incase I have to reload the OS.

First question, is the 866 number really MS? Second, your opinions on any other process I should run to make sure the hack is removed before a total reload of the OS.

Dan Kahn