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Topic subjectRE: HP ENVY Printer prints blank pages only
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567230, RE: HP ENVY Printer prints blank pages only
Posted by aldago, Sat Apr-16-22 11:29 PM
It's really strange but nothing I've tried so far works. I haven't changed the cartridges. I've implemented all of HP's suggestions. I thought maybe it was a Windows 10 problem because I can successfully print a test page from HPSmart and the fact that both printers were affected suddenly and so I uninstalled the latest Windows updates to no avail. I may be forced to buy another brand of printer to see what happens. Or maybe install Linux on one of my computers to see if it really is a Windows problem. Anyhow, you don't realize how much you need a printer until you don't have one. It seems that many people have had this kind of problem with Hp Printers so I'm hoping one of those people solved the problem and will get back to me. Thanks for your response.