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Topic subjectRE: photos too large when emailing
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567240, RE: photos too large when emailing
Posted by therube, Thu Apr-28-22 03:29 PM
> they come out huge in the email

Do you mean when you view them in your mail program (or browser)?

"Emailing" a photo does not change it (should not change it) from what it was.

If you are viewing a photo in your email program or in your browser, your browser (at least, & if not your mail program) should have an option to view the photo "fit to width" (kind of thing) or in its original size. And if you set it to "fit to width", it will display fully within the browser. (Alternatively, clicking the photo should resize it, to width.)

If you are viewing a photo in a photo viewer, any viewer worth its salt (like IrfanView) gives you any number of options to view - by default; original size, fit to screen (large images only), fit to screen (all), stretch ...