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Topic subjectProof, that you need backups
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567290, Proof, that you need backups
Posted by lenjack, Wed Jun-15-22 05:02 PM
Most of us here, know the value of backups, and some of us, do backups regularly. I just proved to myself--as if I didn't already know--how important this is.

I do backups to an external hard drive, weekly. Yesterday, thinking about installing W11, on my secondary ssd, I got careless, during the install, when it came to formatting and partitioning the drive, I accidentally formatted, the wrong drive, and totally lost my W10 installation. After a moment of complete panic, I powered up the external drive, and booted from my Aomei Backupper, flash drive. It took well over an hour, but a 100% restoration was achieved.

I consider myself, fairly computer literate, so I have no excuses for my error. I just want to bring this to folk's attention, as a reminder.