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567376, RE: The future of PCQandA
Posted by KJT, Mon Jul-24-23 03:57 PM
Sad to say, I think it is time to shut down PCQandA completely. It has outlived its usefulness as a computer Q and A resource.

To me, we were not replaced by "Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit" but by "Google" (and other search engines). As computer users became more sophisticated, knowledgeable, and experienced PCQandA became old and tired. Why become a member just to ask a question or two that might not get an appropriate answer for days? Google provides answers in seconds - though often enough not totally correct nor in-depth enough answers. Why stay an active member attempting to answer questions whose answers were, often as not, not appreciated, nor acknowledged? Why stay active as a moderator only to remove spam messages? (I wonder which of the moderators are even still alive)

Keeping the archives available would be my second choice though at the moment I can't think of a single instance of a search engine referencing a PCQandA answer. Over the years (2 decades + ) I have contributed, probably significantly, to fund PCQandA. I would not contribute solely to maintain old and outdated records.

PCQandA's time has come and gone. RIP PCQandA.

Now let's see if anyone can convince me otherwise.