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567388, RE: The future of PCQandA
Posted by ablib, Sat Jul-29-23 05:38 AM
Third option is the best option, for sure. Even if you ignore new registrations for 7 months, that's only about 120-ish registrations to sift through? If it's like spam emails, it should be quick. I wouldn't want to cut off a means of old members trying to reconnect. I'm specifically thinking of the possibility that old members may attempt to create a new account because they can't remember, or get into, their old one.

I share the same sentimental reasons as you Jason, for why I wouldn't want this site to go dark. From time to time, I get nostalgic and read the old posts. The old banter. And before I know it, hours have passed and it's way past my bedtime.

Good times.

I wouldn't invest any more time than option 3. There's no promoting this place, and a forum upgrade is definitely overkill -- simply because this is a relic of a bygone era, sad to say.