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Topic subjectZapping DIRECTV2PC
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567416, Zapping DIRECTV2PC
Posted by makaiguy, Mon Oct-30-23 09:51 PM
Hi guys. I don't check in here much any more as I haven't run into many problems and I've now forgotten enough that I'm not able to help others with their PC problems. It's good to see some familiar usernames are still hanging around here.

But now I'd like to attack something that has been bothering me for a while now.

DirecTV used to have a PC program called DIRECTV2PC that could display programming from a networked DirecTV DVR on one's PC. They dropped support for this long ago.

Back when this worked I had it installed on my PC and used it with two DTV receivers. The app stopped working and was uninstalled, the receivers have been long replaced, and the computer has been replaced at least twice.

But in carrying settings over from one computer to the next, somehow the local media player on my networked Rokus shows two DIRECT2PC installations as DLNA servers, along with the one DLNA server I do have installed on the PC. Surprisingly (to me, anyhow - I never did have a glimmer of how this worked), one of them actually locates programs saved on one of my Directv DVRs, but then, naturally, can't play them.

I'd like to get rid of these two nuisance phantom DIRECTV2PC entries.

A search of my Win10 registry for DIRECTV2PC via Registry Editor finds these two entries:



I blushingly admit it's been so long since I dived into anything like this that I no longer have a clue. Is deleting these two items all I need to do to purge the remnants of DIRECTV2PC from my system, or at least get them to where they don't show as DLNA servers?