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Posted by Smoke, Fri Dec-14-01 05:05 AM
Been receving "page cannot be displayed" for this site for about a week now.

Could someone check it from their machine?

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Posted by Scotterpops, Fri Dec-14-01 05:13 AM
I can't get there from here.

;~* ... Scotterpops

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Posted by ZakBob, Fri Dec-14-01 05:15 AM

here either

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Posted by Smoke, Fri Dec-14-01 05:24 AM
Thanks. at least i know it's not just a problem here.

hope it comes back, it was one of my favorite esites.
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Posted by KJT, Fri Dec-14-01 05:28 AM
Can't get to it either but try emailing him here for info: Chuck Musciano -