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Topic subjectEZCD 5 hosed OE6 in XP Pro
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645, EZCD 5 hosed OE6 in XP Pro
Posted by serlv, Fri Dec-14-01 04:36 AM
don't ask me why. I just know that my mail did not work after installing Roxio's software and the rather crazy update scheme. EZCD Creator burned me a disc just fine though.

I went through some stuff with my ISP's tech guy, and I could ping the mail server. So I uninstalled Roxio, voila, mail works. I'm waiting on the latest Nero, I have grown to really like that program and have been using it for over 2.5 years. EZCD Creator came with my first burner ( v 3? ) and i ditched it after a few months and 10-20 coasters. The new version is even worse, in that it is all GUIfied - more than it ever was, but hey it worked.

Can't wait to get back to Nero.