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Topic subjectIE Autocomplete not working
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82, IE Autocomplete not working
Posted by Lucky Bob, Sun Dec-09-01 10:13 PM
I recently did a clean install of windows XP, and i've been having a problem with IE 6. The autocomplete feature (the one that stores your entries for forms), doesn't seem to be working. The URL autocomplete works, but not the autocomplete for forms. I checked the options and i have it turned on. I've tried turning it off and on just to be sure. It just doesn't remember anything that i've typed in. I've tried this on pages where i know the feature works, and i've even tried asking it to remember a password, which i usually don't do. That didn't work either. I thought about repairing internet explorer, but since it came installed with windows there isn't an entry for it in add/remove programs.

Anyone have any idea how i can get my autocomplete back?