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140272, Who said that ?
Posted by 81 Newbee, Sat Sep-29-07 04:25 AM
When I complained about Dems not having the "courage of their convictions"with regard to their rants about BRINGING HOME THE TROOPS NOW !(They could have cut off the funds to force it),there was a lot of "well they won't because it would make the war belong to them and not to BUSH.etc.I was not surprised because politics are like that (blame games)
As one who likes to try to be imformed I listen or watch the debates of both parties.I for one was not surprised (like many claimed to be) When Hillary and the other candidate starting spouting dates for removing our troops by 2013 By now Georgie and the gang at Move On .Org must be beside themselves.
It looks like a rerun of the Kerry days."I voted for it before I voted against it".It is going to be a fun campaign .A curse on both their houses. IBSWETBPWBPH! :+ :evilgrin: