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142354, RE: Bush lied, People died ?
Posted by 81 Newbee, Sat Oct-27-07 01:33 AM
James, my friend,I have listened to many a complaints and respected the rights to have them ,BUT when a horses ass like this guy equates his hatred of Bush to our men and women in service,I draw the line.I expected some feedback on this and plenty of Bush bashing as well.I did not reply immediately because I was too angry and not want to be like him.
Frankly I am glad he does not show where he is in his profile.(I wonder why?) I might have thought of personally sticking a "2 dollarl apple" up where his brain likely resides!:lol:
Unfortunately because of the Muslim terrorists ,I suspect we will need a lot of his'crackheads" before either of us will pass on a better world . At 10:44AM this morning I became a great grandfather to Grady Ethan,
6lbs4oz,191/2 inchs long.Tiny but feisty(Mom and son doing fine.)I can't imagine what I might have said, without this helping to lower my anger.
Joy to the world ! :+