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Topic subjectRE: Bush lied, People died ?
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142358, RE: Bush lied, People died ?
Posted by No_One, Sat Oct-27-07 03:41 AM
Having people you know and work with called "crackheads" may be a normal occurrence and perfectly acceptable to you, it most definitely is not acceptable to me.
Defending or minimizing a slur like that says as much about you as it does about BobGuy using it in the first place.

As for any condescension, he makes it easy.
The truth is always the best defense:

Notice the similarity? Did you see any quotation marks, any attribution?


Why, whenever you submit a tidbit here, does it not reek of condescension?

My answer -- it doesn't.

Your changing your previous Bulwer-Lyttonesque writing is appreciated, but asking negative questions or using litotes is probably not the best direction you could take.