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Topic subjectRE: Bush lied, People died ?
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142400, RE: Bush lied, People died ?
Posted by jazz4free, Sat Oct-27-07 01:52 PM
Touché. I retire from the field, temporarily, to lick my semantic wounds.

But an aside: The next time you deign to allocate the time in your busy and important schedule to show up here, it may be nice if you do so to give someone a pat on the bum (or even to submit something original for consideration), instead of just being a smart ass who enjoys picking at the scabs of the huddled masses he trips over on his way uptown.

I'm not out to defend myself. I'm a self-promoted pedant and fair game. I'll exchange fire with you on any goddamned field any f'n time and attempt to give as well as take. (Except, if history repeats, you will retire to the sidelines for several months to observe and refresh a supercilious intellect.)

There are people here who have the courage to place their opinion in the line of fire on a daily if not hourly basis, and they are not deserving of your selective pseudo-intellectual snobbery.

You may indeed be the smartest guy around (the greatest thing since sliced bread and Nietzsche), but please stop slumming and stick around and prove it to us more than twice a year.