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142427, RE: Bush lied, People died ?
Posted by No_One, Sat Oct-27-07 04:29 PM
Is this so hard to understand?
Sorry, but my version of Carpe Diem doesn't leave much time for that. You choose the Internet, I choose life. To each his own.

I may stay busier, that doesn't make me any important than anyone else, what it does mean the Internet is not a constant 24/7 source of entertainment for me, as it is for you. If it works for you, that is OK with me, but when did amount of time spent online become the standard to judge others?
I would assume the opposite would be true, that less time online is more normal.

Someday maybe I'll retire and sit my butt down in front of a computer 24/7 as you do, and do exactly as you suggest. You can tune in to CNN the very next day as they report my seppuku.

99% of what you post here goes by unnoticed by me, I don't care about it, it is usually meaningless. The record shows you were the instigator here as you tried to defend some indefensible babble.

Usually you like to belittle people you believe aren't up to your intellectual level, and "defend yourself" by calling people names or you label them idiots or morons, your standard methods. I prefer to step on people that like to belittle others, whenever, wherever, and as often as possible.

you will retire to the sidelines for several months to observe and refresh a supercilious intellect.

Not several months, I deploy for 3 months at a time, if you think I would spend scarce time on the Internet in some 3rd world shithole reading your crap, you are sadly mistaken.

Supercilious intellect? Pseudo-intellectual?

This is a product of a supercilious intellect.

Lecturing to people and then admitting you\'re not sure you know what you are talking about is also a class act. That should draw rave reviews from your gullible readers, I hope you don't mind if I want my tuition back.

Facts first, lectures come second.

About other's opinions, I always try to respect their opinions, formed as a result of what they have done or learned in their respective lives, and their personal experiences. Often they are not the same as mine, but individual differences of opinion are completely normal and to be expected. You confuse your opinions with facts, they usually aren't even in the same time zone. If I know better, and I happen to read it (and care about it), you can expect a reply. Sometimes with poetry, and sometimes in your face.

And now contemplate this:
"Lazy grammar reflects lazy thinking and is intrinsically an insult to the reader." :rtfm:
A bit over the top, but basically true.