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142438, RE: Bush lied, People died ?
Posted by jazz4free, Sat Oct-27-07 08:57 PM
As I said, some of us show up here every day, or almost. Bombast, exaggeration, contradiction, egoism, pedantry, etc. I've left a large trail these past three years as my lazy butt grew wide and my mind collected dust.

Enter the self-appointed dragon slayer (stage right), Christ in the temple, the righter of all wrongs, the defender of the weak, he who separates the wheat from the chaff. Lay low all you pretenders because today he passes through your neighborhood. Briefly but with intense self-righteousness.

Give me a break!

In fact, you cruise in every now and then to drop a bomb and then scurry away to lurk in the shadows. And, since you have taken so much of your invaluable time to tarry today and search the archives for evidence of my actus reus, perhaps you can take a moment and look back in this very thread to see just where and on whom you dropped the bomb this time.

It wasn't on me, Robin Hood. It was one of those you pretend to protect.

And it would have gone barely noticed if I hadn't deliberately pointed it out. If I've done anything in my useless life to be proud of it has to be putting the finger on the likes of you, because whenever I find the likes of you I also detect the distinct odor of horse's ass.

I have encountered no one here, No One, who is unable to fend for himself or herself. We all have equal time and opportunity and it is seldom that anyone asks for surrogate protection.

My arrogant ass has been handed to me many times and, on those several occasions, I trust I've fielded it like a man. But I'll be damned if I take bullshit from the likes of you, you swaggering, sanctimonious and occasionally heard from little prick.

I guess that qualifies here as a personal insult, and I've lost Brownie points. So be it...