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142680, RE: Bush lied, People died ?
Posted by BobGuy, Mon Oct-29-07 11:37 PM
Art Linkletter was right, drugs do the darnedest things.

Having people you know and work with called "crackheads" may be a normal occurrence and perfectly acceptable to you, it most definitely is not acceptable to me.

Not many people on this planet really give a damn what is acceptable to you.

I deploy for 3 months at a time.

Oh really? WOW, 3 whole months at a time. That's mighty damn big of you! Doing a 15 month deployment beneath your dignity?
Less chance of coming home in a bodybag on a 3 month deployment, brave man.

Please explain why the other schmucks, the ones you say are not doing crack, are doing 15 month tours of duty and your generosity limits you to 3 whole months? Ever think of doing a real 15 month tour of duty?

A bomb crater blocks one lane, so they cross to the other side, where houses are blackened by fire, shops crumbled into bricks. The remains of a car bomb serve as hideous public art. Sgt. Victor Alarcon's Humvee rolls into a vast pool of knee-high brown sewage water -- the soldiers call it Lake Havasu, after the Arizona spring-break party spot -- that seeps in the doors of the vehicle and wets his boots.

"When we first got here, all the shops were open. There were women and children walking out on the street," Alarcon said this week. "The women were in Western clothing. It was our favorite street to go down because of all the hot chicks."

Iraqi women = hot chicks. :lol: give me a break.

So the troops drive around in brown sewage water soaking their boots and look at the hot iraqi chicks. :lol:

I can't think of anything more normal than that, for someone on drugs.

Maybe if there humvee didn't smell like shit they wouldn't be shot at as much. :rolleyes: