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142697, RE: Bush lied, People died ?
Posted by No_One, Tue Oct-30-07 03:37 AM
I don't do it for anyone else, I do it for me. It's the right thing to do. Real simple.

BobGuy deserves all he gets for the crackhead remark, it will be my left foot, and 81 Newbee's right foot. He deserves nothing but disdain from me, or anyone else with a few working brain cells.

And before you whine that I was gone for a while, I worked on Sunday, please forgive me for not replying sooner. Besides, you didn't deal very well with a brief face wash with some reality on Saturday, you derailed real fast and spewed this latest drivel.

But thanks, your opprobrium always proves my point, and keeps my moral compass tuned up.