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142709, RE: Bush lied, People died ?
Posted by jazz4free, Tue Oct-30-07 10:09 AM
Your presently serving in the military, why listen to that Canadien that's never served one day?

I didn't serve in the military and I also don't play professional ice hockey for the NHL club based in Montreal. I did not meet the physical requirements of the former and the latter would, in any case, be far above any athletic ability I possess.

The last time I looked my nationality was Canadian not Canadien. I won't bother correcting your grammar, considering the much more serious intellectual challenges you face that particular peccadillo sorta pales in significance.

I don't recall disparaging anyone's service to country here or elsewhere. I certainly don't recall spitting on any of my friends when they returned from their tours in Viet Nam or including condemnatory language in any of the voluminous correspondence exchanged with them while they served in country.

Like many (returning military included) I came to despise the horror your government was perpetrating in Southeast Asia but I did not, nor do I, have a single bad word for the grunts who did and do their duty and the dirty work of survival.

And, try to get this, I speak only for myself here. I realize it's tough for one of your limited perception, but please, in future make an effort to distinguish among individuals and their diverse opinions. I understand it's much easier for persons like you to gather everyone who's politics you disagree with under one simplistic umbrella. And I also understand your reluctance to do the alternative because that requires a little thinking, an effort that (from much of the evidence gathered here) is thoroughly alien to you.

But, painful as it may be for you, why not give thinking a try, especially in the moment just before you post. You may spare yourself much embarrassment.