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148067, RE: Not even Cialis can help !!!
Posted by 81 Newbee, Thu Jan-24-08 02:59 AM
Far from it ,my friend.I promoted two of my secretaries. and three others who worked for me, to management positions when it was hardly the norm .I am very proud of the progress my daughter has made with a large telephone company.I believe there are too few women in high positions.We guys have not left a great record for them to follow .Not to use the skill and knowledge of more than half of our population is a waste !My earliest, and hard to forget, impression of Hillary was when she was on television giving her "Sargent Schultz" explaination of how she made money in the futures market.She looked cute then (But not very bright) I was expecting her to say it was eating Tyson chicken that made her so smart !If it were possible I would much prefer Noreen over Hillary for President.Bright Intelligent, and Trustworthy !!Qualities sadly lacking in Hillary.The most used adjective for her is "tough"! :+ Iwould add "mean " :+