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148072, RE: Not even Cialis can help !!!
Posted by jazz4free, Thu Jan-24-08 09:53 AM
You've made Noreen sound like a Labrador retriever.

And, c'mon, John, even Hillary's worst critics (excluding you, of course) will admit she's a brain trust when it comes to policy. Her stint as senator has proved her to be a skillful legislator and a surprisingly good conciliator -- she does her homework and keeps her ear to the ground. And bright... Unlike W. she reads both books without pictures and something other than the comics and sports sections in newspapers -- and, as a bonus, I hear she even waits until the sun sets before going to bed.

And your presidents should be tough and a little diabolical -- after all, Russia's latest czar, Putin, ain't no pussycat.

Trustworthy... Well, as with most politicians, you just gotta keep an eye open for wooden nickels. (BTW, what was the personal lie count to war by that other guy? 256?).

Plus, she's got Bill! And won't that be fun...

Admit it, you're just jealous.