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148074, RE: Not even Cialis can help !!!
Posted by DJC, Thu Jan-24-08 10:31 AM

Are you capable of flying a fighter aircraft? The reason I ask is I think it takes few brain cells to fly an aircraft let alone a fighter aircraft.

We do not need this country being led by a Clinton nor a Bush. We need new names in the Presidency other than Clinton or Bush. I think from 1988 to 2008 is enough of a Bush or a Clinton in the Whitehouse. Just because we have had two Bushes in the Presidency that does not mean we have to have two Clintons in the Presidency.

I will vote for the person I feel who will do the best for the country not his or her party. I might be classified as an independent DemoRep. This why I have always considered Harry S Truman a truly great President, he chose to do what was best for America, such as recognizing Israel, against the advise if his party, and his cabinet advisors. He integrated the military against the advise of his party leaders. He fired McArthur against the will of the nation. President Truman was not concerned about his place in history nor his legacy as a President.

We no longer have leaders like him in politics today nor do we have them in the corporate world.